Web Hosting

Web Hosting Only Packages – £10 per month or £100 if paid annually

  • Support mins per month* – 0 MINS
  • Website Hosting ** – YES
  • Email Management – YES
  • Technical Support – YES
  • CMS Core, Plugin and Theme Updates – NO
  • Regular Backups – YES
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring – NO

SSL Certificates

It is now becoming common practice for all websites to have an SSL (Security Certificate) installed on them.  Google has indicated that a secure site can be given up to a 5% ranking boost as a result of it being secure.  HIA Web Design recommends that all sites have an SSL installed on their hosting in order to comply with all security measure and to ensure that no browser restricts the viewing of the site due to a ‘non secure’ host.  We offer SSL Certificates at £100 per year, payable annually, in addition to basic hosting or support package costs.